Longmeadow – Blocks 5&6



This month we have Blocks 5 and 6 the inner and outer border corners.

The inner border corner is the beautiful little blue sun block.  A perfect little hand-piecing project.   And the outer border corner is the little Rose of Sharon flourish.  You’ll need to make 4 of each pattern – 1 for each corner, of course.  I got turned on to hand-piecing by Linda Franz of Inklingo fame.  I saw her hand piecing video online somewhere years and years ago and was enthralled.  I bought the Quilted Diamonds 2 book and the hand-piecing DVD was included, so I studied it by watching it a half dozen times.  Hers is still my go-to method.  I use freezer paper templates, mark the lines on the back of the fabric and trim 1/4 inch away.  Match the seam lines and stitch, loading the needle with a few stitches, then backstitching before I load a few more stitches.  It’s good contemplative work and most enjoyable when something good is on the television, or I have a book to listen to.  Or even just a good album.  My family and I went antiquing the other day and I found a couple of old Doris Day albums that I immediately bought (for a whopping $6 for both).  I love, love, love!!! her voice.  I love her movies too, so maybe that’s what I’ll watch while I sit & stitch.

It’s cold blustery, rainy weather outside and cold inside as well.  We’re trying to cut back on our propane use as it’s so darn expensive.  Something we weren’t anticipating with our move out into the country.  But there’s space heaters for the bedrooms that keep us warm and toasty at night.  If we ever bought the house, we’d consider a wood-pellet stove to warm the house.  But for now, we’ll just use plain old electricity.  I remember ages ago that my parents had an electric blanket and I thought it was the most wonderful thing ever.  That was long before I knew what a quilt was.

I hope your safe, healthy and warm wherever you may be.




Happy New Year!!

Left month-to-month

Longmeadow – Block 4 is ready to download.  I hope you all had lovely holidays with lots of family and friends and wonderful things.  I’ve been watching the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter’s been putting on, “Allietare”.  It’s a 6-part mystery that started on Black Friday and is found here, and the final reveal happened today.  I haven’t been playing along, but have been watching to see how it’s done.  I’ve never been part of a Mystery Quilt before.  I liked that it was short – 6 weeks – with fairly simple steps, and a gorgeous quilt at the end of it.  So I think I’ll start gathering my fabrics.  I guess I’m sort of a chicken, because I don’t like mysteries in general – not books or anything else.  I like to know the end from the beginning.  So I was afraid to jump in before seeing what the payoff would be.  And it’s just simply gorgeous!  Go on over and take a peek, if you haven’t already.


Longmeadow – Block 3



Here is Block 3 all ready to download.

We had a lovely holiday weekend here with gorgeous weather and beautiful sunsets highlighting the days.  My family is growing up and out, so there were only five of us to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  We had no extended family this year, and my two oldest daughters live in Washington and Tennessee and couldn’t be with us.  Our family felt so small this year.  It was a little unnerving.  I’ve never cooked a Thanksgiving meal for so few, so made too much!  We’re enjoying leftovers, but after all that Turkey you start to crave anything else! lol It will be the same for Christmas.  Just the five of us.  Hopefully, soon I’ll get to see my granddaughter.  She turns a year on Sunday.  I can’t believe it!  She’s grown so much.  It doesn’t seem fair that I have to watch it from across the country!  I can’t wait to hold her and give her a big squeeze.  It will be such a big change from how she left us – so tiny and completely dependent on us – to watch her walking and interacting with everyone.  What a joy!  I can’t wait!

Pretty Punkin



Longmeadow Block 2



Hi everyone,

Block 2 is up and ready to download.

I learned the meaning of despair last week when I grabbed a permanent marker instead of my Frixion pen to draw placement lines on the background.  It all worked out in the end, fortunately, but the frustrated groan brought my husband to me from the other side of the house.  He’s a good guy who sympathized with me even though he didn’t quite understand it. I am much more careful now about what I pick up to draw with.

I hope you all have a blessed week ahead!


And we’re off…

2016 Longmeadow

This is getting so exciting! The first block for Longmeadow will be out on October 1st. I hope to have the center block available for purchase by next weekend. My friend Lola over at The Stitchin Studio is going to offer fabric kits for each block with Civil War reproduction fabrics available through her quilt shop. I don’t know about you, but I’m itchin’ to get started. I always feel a little lost between projects.

I’m starting a Dear Jane quilt this week at the Stitchin’ Studio, as well. Can’t wait for that, too! I bought the Dear Jane bundle of fat-eighths from Piecing the Past Quilts that are perfect for the look and feel of the original Dear Jane quilt and will use one of the Butter Churn Basics for the background. I’m hoping that it will be 100% hand pieced. Some of those pieces seem awfully small and I’m a bit clumsy with my hands, so here’s hoping!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend and looking forward to a great week ahead.