Sycamore Rose – Block 12

  Here is Sycamore Rose – Block 12 ready to download. I’ve been on a bit of an applique adventure these last couple of weeks.  It started with a Craftsy class by one of my all-time favorite applique designers, Mimi Dietrich.  She’s phenomenal and makes it very easy for a beginner to get started.  One of…

Flickr Group created

Hi all, I think I’ve created a place to share photos of your Sycamore Rose blocks. lol. I’m so obtuse, I’m not sure I’ve done it.  But maybe it’ll work.  Here’s the address:  I’d love to see what ya’ll are doing with the blocks.  Please come and share!!

Sycamore Rose – Block 11

  This is probably my favorite block!  It just makes my heart sing.  I’m still working on putting the block together, but here is the pattern for Sycamore Rose – Block 11.  Have fun with it!

Sycamore Rose – Block 10

Sycamore Rose – Block 10 is ready for download.  I’m in the process of getting my block put together, and when it is, I’ll post a picture.  I hope you enjoy!