Hand Quilting

I’ve been having a blast re-doing the Sycamore Rose Pattern to include directions for Quilt as you Go and Back-basting applique.  I’m learning so much and have been having such fun!  I thought I’d post a little bit of what I’m working on.  This is Sycamore Rose block 7 which I’m in the middle of hand quilting.  I’ve only got a quarter done, but it goes so fast!  It’s a 14-inch finished block and I think I was able to do this quarter in about 2 to 2-1/2 hours.  Maybe 3 with all the stops and starts I had going throughout my day.  The center is a 1/2-inch grid and the corner is densely echo quilted.  Too much?  Maybe, but I’ve been having so much fun with it.

It’s pretty mindless work, so I’m able to listen to the radio or a book on CD, or just chill with some music.  I’m absolutely loving it!

Every weekday morning at 6:00 am I take my 17-year-old daughter to church (about 20 minutes away) for a seminary class.  It’s an hour of instruction in basic gospel principles.  In the past two weeks that we’ve gone (it only happens on days when school is in session) I’ve spent that hour asleep in the driver’s seat and when she’s done, we’ve made our drowsy way back home.  But this morning, I grabbed my sewing kit and basted block and sat in the car under the one parking lot light that shines steadily and turned on my dome light and started stitching.  What a great way to start the day!  I love it!  I hope I can do something like this every morning – stitching while watching the sun rise.  It is awesome.  And who knew I’d be so in love with hand quilting?  Maybe it’s the lack of a frame and there are some really big toe-hooker stitches that would be frowned on by the quilt police, I’m sure, but I love it the way it is!  Hoopless hand quilting ROCKS!



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  1. debbiemacinnis says:

    Hoopless hand quilting does rock! I get so tangled up if I am using a hoop. Go, Christy!

    1. cburdy says:

      I’ve quilted small quilts with a hoop and it was all right, though I hate having boundaries when I sew, even moveable boundaries. But hoopless on such a small block is heaven!

  2. karenlogcabinquilter says:

    I think you did the quilting fast. So much stippling!

  3. Marva says:

    Christy – I am a backbaster and no-hoop hand quilter. I do larger items one-block-at-a-time too. Way to go!!!

    1. cburdy says:

      All right, Marva! I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I love it!

  4. dezertsuz says:

    What a perfect way to use that hour of seminary! I love the heavy outline quilting. I don’t think you can have too much of a good thing. BTW, I can’t read most of your sidebar because the print color is so light. =)

  5. cburdy says:

    Thank you for the heads up. I didn’t know how to change the color, so just changed the theme. I ended up quilting the heck out of that little block and I LOVE it!! Can’t wait to finish appliqueing the next block so I can quilt some more.

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