It’s never too late

I’ve come to believe that it’s never too late to start again.  Life is all about getting back up and trying again.  Thank heavens for that.  I heard  someone say today, “life is not standing on a mountain of successes, but rather a successful life is built upon a mountain of failures”.  Now you know…

Serendipity Block 2

Hi all!  Serendipity – Corner Block 2 is up and ready for download. I hope you all enjoy it. I have been having a blast learning back basting applique and will make a photo tutorial for it in May.  It is great!  So easy to do and worth the little extra time it takes to…

Serendipity Center Block Pattern Correction

Recently, I discovered that a template was inadvertently left off the Serendipity Center Block pattern.  If you recently purchased this pattern, please download the Corrected Template pdf. I’m so sorry for the error.  If you purchase the center block now, it has been updated to include the corrected template page. Again, I’m so sorry, Christy


Happy Spring!  It’s been so beautiful lately that I almost can’t stand it.  Such lovely warm days and cool nights.  I want to stave off summer for as long as possible.  It’s perfect weather to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in.  Only…I’m surrounded by dirt and frequent dust storms. Lol.  We…

Sycamore Rose – Block 10

Sycamore Rose – Block 10 is ready for download.  I’m in the process of getting my block put together, and when it is, I’ll post a picture.  I hope you enjoy!